Best be movin’ on

There’s a nice quote I read somewhere that says, “This is a temporary world. Don’t settle in, for you will soon be moving on.”

You can have everything you want here, really, but if you’re praying to God, He doesn’t want you to get stuck. Once you get saddled with attachments, His loving current doesn’t flow as well through you. You start to follow the Emotional Pull and not the Divine Pull. He’ll give you what you want, yes, but He eventually will be forced to take it away from you. He’ll have you kicked out of your company, or your family, or your house… It’s not anything you can prevent, either, because it’s just going to happen–as a favor to you (if you can believe it, though it doesn’t matter whether you do or not). I think the older souls already know this… they tend to favor experience over possessions.

So don’t get attached to your home, or your family, or your job, or anything, then it’s all smooth sailing. You’re just walking through. You have no pockets, no backpack, nothing to get here. You’re just having experiences.

Once you see it like that, life is just an easy flowin’ river.

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