How Much Sacrifice?

All of us have been making little sacrifices to God our whole lives, trying to give the smallest amount possible. All this while keeping score, of course: I gave this, where is my payback?

And who among us hasn’t complained when He takes something away? So there we are, always asking Him, “Isn’t it enough, yet? Haven’t you taken enough?”

But what you’re giving Him isn’t what He wants. He’s not interested in all your hard work, nor your mental acuity or your spiritual sacrifice. He wants you to give the whole game up. And until you do, you are always going to be thinking that You Are Not Good Enough. That’s how he ropes you back in. You are always going to be restless.

But we are each like a wild horse, needing to be exhausted in mind, body and spirit, before we are ready to give up everything and let Him take over.

So, in a way, having the rug pulled out from under you is like finding the fast lane. You are suddenly in deeper than you thought you could handle, and you won’t be bargaining any longer.

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