There’s an interesting movement right now in America and Canada called MGTOW (pronounced Mìg-Tau), mostly in reaction to the 50-year-old feminist movement in those countries. It stands for “Men Go Their Own Way,” and is joined by men who see most women as egotistically-driven and not acting in the best interest of men or families. I’m generalizing here–and skipping over a lot of the particulars, which are multitudinous and quickly generating a blitzkrieg of content–but one of the arguments that attracts me is based on the belief that over the years men have tried to become what women wanted but have been unappreciated for their efforts. In the 70‘s, for example, women wanted men to be rebels, so they did. In the 80‘s they wanted party boys, so they did that. In the 90‘s they wanted sensitive men, and in the 00‘s good, stable fathers. So the men became sweeter and more domesticated, and again the women change their minds. Now they say they want bad boys.

Thanks to this confusion, the MGTOWs say, divorce rates continue to climb year after year: women simply don’t really know what they want in life, and that keeps the men guessing. And failing.

In short, the men are confused and no longer want to play the game of putting women at the center of their lives. They are starting to notice that after decades of continuous changing, chameleon-like, they have lost their rudders. What should a man do, they ask, if all of his money, his looks, his possessions, his hair, everything he does isn’t for the sole purpose of making a woman happy? Sadly, the MGTOW man finds that he has NO IDEA what he would do.

So he wants to take back his authority to decide What Is Of Value in life. I think this is highly commendable. Did you know that you, too, have this power?

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