Unblaming Myself

Mamma Mia, we are all so complicated! There are all sorts of problems inside us, some of them going back 50 generations or so, passed from father to son, mother to daughter. Like a virus that no one in your family has taken the time to find the antibody for. “I’m not good enough,” “Better to hide your feelings,” “It’s probably your fault that no one is happy,” “Mother always knows best.” . . . Will you be the one, the Louis Pasteur in the lab, who breaks the curse? Or will you duck out, simply passing the virus along to your children?

Then there are cultural conditionings, TV shows and nightly news and pop culture, telling you what to think and what to do.

There are even reptilian fears and mammalian needs and bodily functions to contend with. Basically the whole history of the species is lying inside you.

So suddenly you’re on the spiritual path and you’re trying to get rid of your ego. And your ego is not ready, so he’s asking you to take the blame for all of your shortcomings and wrong attitudes. But almost all of your attitudes have literally been created by the world, long before you were even born!

It’s like a single leaf taking the blame for a 100-year-old tree. Would the leaf say, “It’s not the tree’s fault, it’s my fault that I’m this way?”

So a good starting point for a spiritual seeker is this . . . yes, you can fix that limited belief, but you didn’t create it. It was handed to you. It was passed along to you. Everyone before you thought they could carry that burden. Perhaps they even imagined that, in some twisted way, they deserved it. Only you can begin to solve that virus today . . . by not allowing it to exist in your universe. By simply not believing it.

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