Cup of Tea

Whenever I’m back in the states, I enjoy going to the gym and working out. It seems to settle some physical need I have to feel grounded in the body. So the other day, while doing reps on a machine, it occurred to me that life itself is about doing reps: the way we live becomes a habit, and if we want to change we have to do it slowly and consciously, one curl at a time.

And sitting there on the bench, I was reminded of something I read many years ago, that said, “If you’re thinking of the cup of tea you’ll have after you finish doing the dishes––then while you are drinking your tea you will be thinking of something else.”

So the muscles we use, the ideas we cling to, the things we run away from… they all get bigger, the more we use them. So to “build up” our capacity to continuously come back to the Present Moment, my friend Leonard talks about focusing on Anything That Is Here Now: your breath, the sound of the ceiling fan, the feeling of the muscle struggling against the weight.

You reading these words now.

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