Catching Snow

We are all starving for love, we just don’t know how to get it. As the masters say, “the love you are looking for is so vast and so deep that no one person would ever be able to give it to you.”

So last night I was talking with friends about these mind maps we have, these systems of beliefs that we have about the world, this network of tubes that we cover the world with, thinking it will bring us understanding. Thinking it will be enough to catch love.

And just like snow falling on a tree accumulates only on the branches, we think love can only be “caught” by the people or circumstances that we expect it to come from. Family. Lovers. Books. Music. Art. We think it can only come from the branches we already have. So as we mature we try to “enlarge” our maps of thinking–by allowing different kinds of thought, conflicting thoughts, even painful thoughts–until we’ve pretty much covered the whole forest with our mental net. Now we are hoping that love can come to us from many different directions.

But still we are not catching enough snow. There are too many holes between the branches.

Was has to happen – what we have actually been waiting for – is that the sun comes out one day and starts to fill in the spaces between the branches with intuition, with heart, with feeling. We’ve laid the foundation, now the true building can begin.

All we needed was the patience and humility to ask for, and wait for, the sun’s help. Then, all the accumulation on the branches starts to melt and come together… until all the holes are closed. At long last, our forest is no longer a net, but has become an enormous satellite dish.

A dish that catches ALL of the snow.

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