Center everywhere

Wow, just got into Jesi with the sparrows flying around at dusk. It’s feeding time, and you see them gloriously swirling in the piazzas, their cries heard everywhere.

Tonight I’m getting another Super Treat, as well. It’s a gift, really, not connected with anything I’ve done or thought. I can’t even take credit for it, but it’s beautiful, and needs my loving attention. Yes, there’s a pure knowing tonight, a feeling of not being separate from the world.

Tonight, It and I are One.

Hmm, this is interesting. There’s nothing to do right now. I’m here. I just have to stand still, here in this lovely piazza, surrounded by sparrows. That’s all I ever had to do. Stand still and not believe the mind and his claim that he knows where we’re going.

It couldn’t be clearer; it would be totally insane to follow the mind along his jagged little stories towards dead ends, lies, circular reasonings, musings.

And of course, the mind can’t come into this space, it would actually die without its conflict and ambition, its past and future. I watch it flail, comically. It suddenly has no shortage of things to invent and propose, it’s desperate to excite me, pull me back from the ledge. Sure, he’s has been able to take me this far, but now I’m like a guy who reaches land and no longer needs the boat. I’m finally learning to walk without him, walk on the Nothing, where The Streets Have No Name.

And from my new place here on the Nothing, suddenly getting back to land doesn’t seem very interesting.

I remember the great lawns at Williams College, criss-crossed by walkways. Certain friends of mine, with their elegant shoes (or just being rule-followers by habit), would only walk along these sidewalks. Others of us, wearing sneakers, wouldn’t dare let ourselves be limited to those rigid straightaways. We wanted to go straight from A to Z, even if it meant trucking straight across the lawn. We weren’t about to be slowed down by sidewalks.

Which is the best thing about tonight. I’m fearlessly walking across the World’s Quad, not afraid to fall into the cracks my poor mind cannot cross.

And here’s my mind, tagging along, taking notes.

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