Hot Potato

All my life I’ve been thinking, “I just don’t want to think about money.” And for this same reason, I’ve probably been forced to think about it more than anyone else. I seem to attract people who want to take my money (don’t we all?). I attract circumstances in which I feel powerless and fearful. What earned money for me in the past suddenly doesn’t work, etc.

I’ve been thinking about it for 50 years, but today I’ve come to the end of my rope. I’m never going to arrive at a static moment in which I have enough money forever. I’m not Bill Gates. Yes, I’ve tried to change the situation over and over again. Yes, I’ve done my best, but no… I simply do not have the control I’d like over the outside world.

So, in a way, I admit defeat. I choose inner peace over fake security. I decide that I will no longer wait for circumstances to be perfect. I can’t wait any more.

So I really decide this time. I don’t want the distraction. I want to live in the present. I put my foot down: This is not going to happen anymore!

And the world says, “Wow. All this time I’ve been waiting for you to decide, instead of just talking about deciding. It’s about time you put that distraction down. Now let’s have some fun.

“Stay here in the present with me,” the voice says. “Let me show you your true beauty.”

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