I Framed Myself

When cropping photos, I learned in design school, it’s nice to leave space around a person, but not too much. If you can crop out a part of them, like their left elbow, it “frees” them. That way they can just turn and “leave the frame” if they want. Otherwise, if you leave space all around them, people are “framed” inside the box and they have no freedom. You have effectively cut off their options.

Today I can see that we do that to ourselves, as well. As long as I think certain thoughts, like I’m better than others, or I bought this shirt, or I went to the drycleaner’s today, I similarly close myself in a kind of prison. I’m stuck there as a person. I can’t move. I’m defined and I’m limited.

At the same time, I’m this incredible consciousness. Infinite, but stuck, held… in my little story. I will frame my “self” as being confined to this body, to that story, until at last I learn how to free myself… by simply exiting the frame.

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