That’s it, I’m done here.

I don’t know if you noticed it, but many of the fans who (in the film) were binge-watching the “Truman Show” wore buttons that read, “How will it end?” Of course, we’re all watching the movie for the same reason.

In this very moment, we are all in a kind of theater, watching our very own lives play out on a big screen. We wonder whether or not we are going to get the girl, get the job, get married, get the raise. There are times there when we can hardly breathe, we look forward so much to seeing what’s going to happen.

Then suddenly, one day, we see through the manipulations. Someone’s screaming or something’s falling apart, then we’re back to square one, then it repeats all over again. One day we simply get tired of the drama. We see through the facade. We’re done. We’re cooked. We’ve come to the end of our emotional reservoir, and something in our brains just clicks off. We realize it’s just a movie, a movie that has demanded all our attention for years… but never ended. It never gave us what we were looking for. It never gave us peace.

Sure, it kept promising peace, or happiness, or stability, but then the movie repeats itself for the hundredth time and that moment of calmness turns into anxiety and confusion again.

The great Indian Master Yogananda calls this the moment in which we comprehend the “anguishing monotony” of life.

On the very day we feel this monotony, really feel it in our bones, we do something we haven’t had the courage to do before, even if we wanted to. We stand up and walk out of the theater. We don’t even wait for the ending. We just get up and leave.

That’s the day we become interested in how we really feel inside ourselves. That’s the day we seek freedom from our little theater. Spoiler alert: “I’m done here!” is the way your movie finally ends.

Just like Truman’s.

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