Like Nails in Space

Love seems to me to be the thing that lasts the longest in the universe. Houses and cars change, governments fall, we even change clothes and careers, but the love we feel for certain people is still there, like nails in space. And there’s nothing we can do about it.

Even after a long separation, or a terrible argument, or a painful divorce, it’s common for us to say “they didn’t love us,” but that’s irrelevant. It really doesn’t matter if we were loved back. What matters is that we ourselves have loved. That’s the great lesson of life. Loved and lost, maybe, but loved nevertheless.

They say that when you die and go to heaven, the spirit guides aren’t interested at all in how much money you made, or how many vacations you took. They only ask you one question.

How much did you love?

You can look down and see the places where you loved. They are still glowing, eternally, like stars.

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