Team Leader

Oh man, this is too rich. OK, so we’re learning to communicate, to sell to others, to gain their love and trust. Marketing and branding and advertising, we’re learning how to convince others to go in certain directions because that’s also what we are learning to do INSIDE OURSELVES.

To wage a war against “King Material Desire,” we have to convince our cells, our senses, all our habits and all our tendencies to follow a new path, an interior path. We need to stage an inner revolution. We need weapons (yoga, introspection, meditation), we need literature (scriptures, stories of saints, etc), we need communities (ashrams, pilgrimages, etc.).

We’re preparing for nothing less than war, and that’s the main reason many of us are learning to teach and inspire others. The first step of the war is the war for our own hearts and minds.

So we study marketing and branding, we learn how to tell stories and motivate. Because if we’re going to have any chance to win the war, we need to organize our inner troops, rebrand ourselves as “spiritual,” discipline ourselves to constant practice, and convince ourselves that we can win.

We’ll need more than a cheerleader. We’re going to need a Team Leader.

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