All for Love


If we were suddenly able to see what we are each trying to do here on Earth, day after day, you would see that at the bottom of everything, you are trying to feel loved. You felt it once, when you were young, and you are seeking it now. We are all condemned to search outside of ourselves until we give up, then we start looking in the one place we haven’t looked yet.

But who among us would ever look inside unless we had been rejected love from the outside? What if success and approval and money are actually kept from you for a certain period, in order that you might learn how to love what you are doing no matter what the reward might be?

In short, you are kept in a state of longing until you realize that loving what you do is the only reward you ever wanted. And that swiftly takes you to the highest love: loving what you are. Loving yourself, just for BEING.

That’s when the real dance begins, the dance you’ve been looking for: the dance with your Self. How in love I sometimes find myself with myself… for no reason whatsoever. Some call this “Being in the Spirit,” I think it might be better defined as “Discovering That You Are Love Itself.

And now that I’ve learned this, I want it to become the rule for whatever I’m going to do in my life from now on. Does a certain action help me to maintain this awareness, or does it distract me from it? Does it remind me that I am love, or does it negate it?

We all knew ourselves to be loved as children, we just didn’t know its value. We traded it for other things… presents, or approval, or jewelry. To get love back, we have to remember how important it is. We have to learn how to defend it. And we have to learn not to trade it for anything in the world.

Yes, once we’ve found it again, we quickly learn to stand up and stomp our feet to keep it.

2 thoughts on “All for Love

  1. What if there s desert between finding love outside and finding love in myself ? You know Yoyo won’t get that love from outside , but it’s a constant effort to dig within. It s painful and very long


    • I know, dear, the desert is long, dark and scary. Everything outside starts to fall apart, it seems like we’ve lost everything. But wait to see if some part of you remains. Some quiet, small, tender part, a part that’s standing still, will be what survives. That’s the strong part of you. That’s You, actually! Choose that part, stick with it, try not to get scared away from it. Hold it and trust it. Soon all your love, that beautiful, flowing love that was going out to others, will start going towards this inner part of you. And you will fall in love with it.
      Stay strong, know that you will win, may you be blessed in your endeavors!


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