Material Pull

There’s a bit of wisdom floating around that says that the bird never worries about whether the branch he is perched on will break or not. That’s because he knows that, even if the bough breaks, so to speak, that he can fly. Obviously, if he had never flown before he would be much more worried every time he stepped onto a branch.

The material world is like that branch. We must be very careful, because it can have a very strong pull on us. We start off leaning against it, but eventually we forget that we can fly. The solutions to all our problems start to look like material ones.

In the end, we are convinced that we cannot fly anymore.

In the study of yoga, they talk about how the kundalini energy in the spine is pulled downwards, unless we reverse that pull by aspiring upwards. The material pull is constantly pulling our energy downwards, not just our physical energy, but our mental and spiritual energy, as well. To free ourselves from that pull, we really have to fight against it. The higher we are able to raise the energy in your spine – towards our spiritual eye ­– the more free we become of this pull.

Swami Kriyananda says that “Material security is a great idea, but there’s just one problem: It doesn’t work.” I’ve always loved this phrase. Yes, something is always broken, or scratched, or missing. There is no “rest” in the material realm. Most people figure this out, sooner or later. Even Jesus tells us not to lay our treasure in places where moth, rust and thieves may corrupt and steal. Psychological research suggests that, in the long run, experiences make people happier than possessions. So why, as a society, are we teaching ourselves to fight over branches?

Why aren’t we teaching each other how to fly?

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