You are Divine!

Once upon a time, there was a lioness who died while giving birth to a baby cub. The cub was taken in by a herd of sheep nearby and raised as a sheep. He ate grass, he stayed with the pack, he said, “baa.” Then one day, a great lion was hunting nearby and noticed that, feeding amongst the sheep, there was a grown cub. He ran after the cub, baa-ing for its life in terror, and grabbed him by the neck. Then he took him away from the sheep and tried to calm him down. He tried to tell the cub that it was a lion, but the cub was convinced he was a sheep. Finally, the lion took the cub to a nearby lake and showed his reflection in the lake. “Now do you believe me?,” he asked.

If you are lucky in this life – working hard on the spiritual path – you will begin to attract friends who see the innate Divinity in you more than they see your personality, your talent, your looks, or your money. They see you as a lion. They see you as divine because they see themselves as divine. These are among the greatest allies your soul will ever meet in this life, so make sure you hold onto them with all your might.

Because it’s easy to forget, then we go back to the herd and chew grass.

No, my friend, You Are A Lion. And because one person sees you as divine, you might yourself begin to believe it as well. In other words, you will finally see yourself as you truly are: Divinity Reflected. And by respecting others who see you like this, you are Respecting your own Divinity. And by respecting it, you will begin to repeat it, to believe it, and eventually…. to defend it.

In other words, a vote for new, spiritual friends is like a vote for your higher Self!

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