Evolving through curiosity

A good friend of mine, Walter, used to wonder if Darwin hadn’t gotten it all wrong; maybe we don’t evolve just to survive, but out of curiosity. He opined that fish didn’t leave water just to look for more food, or to escape predators, but also to see what was happening up there on land. Likewise, mankind has a history of travelling to new horizons, not just to survive but to satisfy some inner urge to discover more about life.

Could it be that we are hard-wired to constantly search for an expansion of consciousness? And if so, who would be guiding this project… us or the consciousness itself?

Walter goes on to say that, were we to look at evolution from the point of view of consciousness, we would say that its reason for continuing to develop, through time, each and every of these bodies is for the simple task of perfecting a biological system that can best reflect the purity of itself (consciousness).

That is to say, consciousness is seeking to know itself. The purpose of life, of all these life forms and the history of the world, is simply to discover more about consciousness. Not outside of itself (as we do when we travel, for instance), but through the grand design of updating nervous systems through time. In fact, man’s is the first nervous system in the history of the world which, if attuned properly, is capable of offering such crystal clear reflection of consciousness.

So how does it do this? How does it constantly refine its “tools”? By reforming itself over and over again. Rewiring brains, rewriting DNA, loosing its animal bonds and developing inner sentience, especially through meditation and breath control. It all sounded pretty far-fetched to me when I heard it.

Then I started meditating.

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