Dreams Invite Tests

There’s a song in “Tangled” called, “I have a Dream,” in which Rapunzel and a bar-full of criminals sing about their hidden dreams. Rapunzel dreams of finding out who she really is. Later, the hook-handed criminal helps her escape danger, telling her, “Go, live your dream.”

“I will,” responds the thief Flynn Rider, whose own verse in the song had been solely dedicated to becoming filthy rich.

“Your dream stinks,” says the hook-handed criminal.“I wasn’t talking to you.”

Many of my spiritual friends are like me, I’m finding, in that we got rid of our little, stinky dreams and suddenly found ourselves with Very Big Dreams about helping the planet: Biofood, Meditation Online, Spiritual Counselling, you name it. Most of us are pretty confused by these dreams, firstly because we don’t know how they got into us, which is to say, they make no sense in relation to what we had been doing up until then, and secondly because we couldn’t rightly say we had “wanted” them, seeing as how until the week before they arrived they had never even crossed our minds.

But a few of us, finding our “old lives” suddenly unbearable… took the bait, changed lanes and jumped right into the new dream. Only… what we thought was going to be an easy transition, aided by Divine Province, showed itself to be more uphill than we thought it was going to be.

See, by trying to do this the old-fashioned way, by networking, by posting on LinkedIn, by trying to influence change inside our careers, or even by trying to shift our company from profit-oriented to service-oriented, the result was the same. We couldn’t convince anyone to follow us.

We got nowhere at all.

We not only got nowhere, but we got nowhere at all for a very long time.

It seems cruel, at first: you are given a Big Dream but then… You Can’t Realize It. You can See It, you can Smell It, you even play with the title and the marketability and the mission statement. You might have even gotten as far as renting a space or printing some flyers. But for some reason you can’t put your finger on, it keeps eluding your grasp.

Occasionally it looks like the right catalyst shows up, just the partner you needed to start the ball rolling… and you get terrifically excited. “Finally my destiny is here!!,” you think. Or maybe you meet someone who received the exact same Big Dream as yours, so you figure it’s all About To Happen.

But then the person leaves, the balloon pops, the air runs out, and you feel more let down than ever.

For years I stomped my feet and screamed at the Universe, “Why would You give me such a Big Dream and then not help me realize it?” And seeing as how I also quit my old career… we were in dire straits, to boot. How cruel it all seemed. Is this how the Universe treats those who trust in It?

No, my friend, you are just being purified. When you no longer want it, or fear it, or try to make it happen sooner, or later… or in any way CONTROL it… it will come to you.

It wasn’t your dream to begin with, and the Divine sure isn’t going to give it to your ego to run into the ground!

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