Your Love Arrow Will Return

The ego has a game he likes to play. He tells you that you don’t deserve love, then he surrounds you with people who don’t love you, then he throws this in your face and says, “See, here’s the proof. I’m the only one who could possibly love you.” He tells you not to trust others. He tells you not to love others. He thinks the only thing that’s important is to get love, not to give it.

Not so with the soul, and that’s why the ego is ultimately so unqualified to make us happy. All the soul wants to do – the only thing he knows how to do, really – is love. He loves everyone and everything. Love 24/7. There’s only one thing the soul doesn’t love, because he’s forgotten how to do it: he’s forgotten how to love himself.

So the world will have to remind him how to do that. (Heads up: it’s painful.)

One day, for no reason at all, when your love is overpouring… everything and everyone will shun you. Your best friends will betray you, your family will treat you with contempt. Your love will be refused. You will have all this love to give, but nowhere to put it.

Suddenly, all that love that’s been gushing outwards – to everyone and everything else – is forced to turn back, like an arrow bending in midflight… on itself. It will reverse direction and turn and aim towards you.

It will be like those huge bee formations in the cartoons, that make a bow and arrow in the sky and then form a gigantic arrow that gets shot towards the intended target.

And there will be no more escape, this time…. You tried to avoid it, you gave it to everyone else, you thought you weren’t good enough for it, but finally, here it is.

Your love will finally include… You.

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