The Cookie Box

A few days ago, I noticed that there’s a little box that the Divine is holding for me, right in front of my heart. It’s the size and shape of a cigar box, but inside are the best-tasting cookies you could ever imagine.

Now, I’m not sure whether or not the box has always been there or not, whether it was empty before, or whether it was full but I was simply refusing to taste them (turning my back on the box, telling it I didn’t deserve the cookies, or want them, etc.). 

In any case, right now the box is right in front of my heart, and full of these super-tasty cookies. I’m kind of a mental guy, so if I say the cookies were grabbing my attention, you know they must be delicious. Then it’s like I have this little hand, like Hand in The Addams Family, that comes out of my heart, opens the cigar box with the back of his fingertips, reaches in and takes out a cookie, then pulls it back into my heart, letting the box close behind it. (I used to have an Addams family piggy back as a kid – with Hand coming out to take the coin – so that’s where I must have gotten this visual.)

Anyway, this little hand brings the cookie back into my heart, the cigar box clicks shut, and then the tastiness commences. The best way I can describe the enjoyment here is to describe a video I saw of a little hedgehog on its back, being offered a piece of cheese. It smells something good, wakes up, throws open its eyes, grabs the cheese, and then…. Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum. As soon as it’s finished, it cleans each finger carefully of all residue, then looks around crazily for another piece.

Such is my heart, enjoying every morsel of this Love Cookie. As soon as he’s done, the hand frantically pops out of my chest, flicks opens the box again, and grabs another cookie. This has been going on now for days.

Now, the beautiful part of all this is how much of my attention it is actually pulled into it. While the snacking is going on, I don’t notice the outside world; I can’t imagine anything else needing to be taken care of. It’s like walking into an Italian Hotel during the World Cup finals. Not a person in sight, the whole staff hidden away in some back room, cheering and dancing. In fact, there’s no longer a Front Desk, no Bellhop, no Room Service. Ring the bell all you want…

While The Cookie Is Being Eaten, Nobody Around Here Needs Anything.

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