You Know the Drill

I had a dream the other night where I’m at some combination of a church, a school, and a restaurant. Each one of us has our own desk, or pew, and each of us is kneeling there patiently. A guru/priest enters the room and, along with his young assistant, passes from desk to desk, handing out the prasad (blessed food) that we eat every day, at this same hour.

I’m somewhere in the middle row, so I wait as they pass up and down all the desks in the left-hand row, then they come to my row, and finally they all arrive right in front of me. I feel this is a sacred moment, so I open my arms, sending blessings to them both, and wait for them to hand me the prasad. And wait.

And wait.

About five minutes pass like this, all three of us as still as statues. And I start to feel embarrassed, because obviously I’m holding up the line.

Finally, the assistant leans over and says to me, “Did you want some prasad?”

Which I thought was obvious. And by now, I’m hungry, too. So I stutter, “Y-Y-Yeah, I do.”

And I look at the guru, and he smiles at me, saying, “Well, you know the drill.”

And so I think about this for about three seconds, then figure it out. I respond, “Ahhh, could I please have some prasad?

He smiled and offered me the food. Then I woke up, satisfied.

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