The Taste of Unity

“To love something is to take it as part of yourself,” says Teal Swan.

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, intertwined with someone that you love, and noticed that you can’t be sure which hand is your hand, or which leg is your leg?

It’s almost as though you are in both bodies. Whatever Unity you’d been looking for all your life, This Was It! That was the purpose of romance, the purpose of friendship, the purpose of teamwork: the feeling that whatever is alive in me and whatever is alive in you . . . they meet together. And when you actually see that this energy is the same in all of “you,” that becomes a sort of proof that “you” are the same — in all these people.

I remember working in the dining room at an ashram once, along with 20 other people, cleaning dishes and wiping off the stove and sweeping and wiping down tables. As an exercise we were asked to change task every 2 minutes, which wasn’t easy for me (I like to finish tasks), but I must admit, after changing positions 10 times, that by the end of the exercise I had the distinct feeling that I had had worked all over the dining room, with 40 hand and 40 legs. It was probably how an ant feels . . . The Many, Getting Things Done… as One. And that feeling never left me . . . it was a kind of gift.

But not everyone is ready to merge into this unity, so . . . as I pull away from the ”stuck ones,” I find myself more and more attracted to (and by) people who are opening up to the possibility of unity. They allow themselves, they actively seek, to not be separate.

And the feeling between people who are losing their separateness together is exquisite. It’s higher than love, actually, because by “taking each other as part of ourselves,” we get to taste a kind of Unconditional Love that’s very rare. At that point, who is helping who becomes irrelevant.

The great indian master Papaji used to say, “When the hand feeds the stomach, does the stomach thank the hand?”

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