Somebody already

“I love you too much to just let you be a person.” -Mooji

What great irony. We do everything in our power to become something in the future. This urge to become SOMEBODY special, SOMEBODY acknowledged. SOMEBODY.

So we hanker down and plow into the world. Get the job. Take the vacation. Buy the T-shirt. But we’re never quite sure, are we… Am I somebody Now? How about Now? I have to become famous first, don’t I? We post the update on Facebook, the photo on Instagram. How about Now?

No, for some reason, we never get to become SOMEBODY this way. There’s never the full confirmation. There’s always a nagging doubt. The mind keeps promising us, and gives us these moments… but they never last. This is because the mind doesn’t have the authority to make us feel like SOMEBODY.

But the heart does.

So let’s say we begin to listen a little less to the mind, and a little more to the heart. Let’s follow these pure sensations, these feelings of love, or fear, or excitement. Could these are the indications we have been waiting for… the confirmation that I EXIST? I know that I’m feeling these feelings… even if others don’t. Even if I’m not able to express them, I know I feel them. So they are real, at least to me. What if I didn’t need others to reflect them back to me, but learned to trust myself enough to…?

What if these emotions are the proof I’ve been looking for?

What we didn’t know before, is that being a person means having these doubts. It’s actually a condition of person-hood.

Just stand in that, boldly, courageously. No further confirmation is needed.

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