Broken Throne

I’ve been seeing a short movie in my mind lately about a broken chair in the back of a long, thin, white hallway. It seems I’ve just gotten up from sitting there and am having a bit of a stroll in this room. The funny thing is, every time I leave the throne and come back to it, in some way it appears to have deteriorated. Or are my eyes playing tricks?

Once upon a time I remember that it was comfortable… but now it’s more broken-down, with more than a few splints here and there. I see sticks and iron rods holding up the legs. The whole contraption is held together with masking tape, wire, some staples, and different colored strings, all mostly faded and well-worn. I see bubble gum there, as well. I always thought the throne was more elegant. It’s funny because I don’t think it’s been that long since it was shiny and new.

In any case, lately it’s become difficult even to raise myself out of it, as the seat seems to be caving in. In fact, I’m not even sure if it will collapse under my weight. Can I still trust it?

I feel my body wants to sit. The chair seems to be pulling me towards it. Perhaps it’s an ingrained habit of laziness in me, going way back… before I can remember. Lately though, perhaps due to a sense of danger, I’ve grown accustomed to not sitting as much. I take longer to sit back down again. I walk around the chair, I peer towards the other end of the hallway. I listen.

I can’t really be certain about what’s at the other end of the hallway. It seems I’ve never been far from the throne. Is it due to some strange notion of loyalty? From the throne I was once able to command… but command who? What?

I’ve grown weary of this part of the hallway. It’s too dark. I take a few steps towards the other end, towards the light… so bright! Now I remember why I’ve kept my distance: the light hurts my eyes. It shows off my tattered rags. It shows off the decrepid throne.

I’m tired again, but I’m even more tired of sitting. Tired of sitting and waiting, I guess. It’s time to face facts… the old glory days have ended.

I venture farther down the hallway than ever before… Somehow, the light doesn’t bother me too much. In any case, it’s better than turning back. I take a few steps towards the opening. Something is giving me energy. Something is making me beautiful.

I turn and look back at my throne, the only place I’ve ever known.
Goodbye, dear friend.

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