Sending out a beacon

There’s a true story about an employer looking for a telegraph operator during the depression. The waiting room was filled with about twenty worthy applicants, each patiently waiting their turn. About ten minutes after the interviews were supposed to begin, a single man stood up and – gasp! – entered the employer’s office, unbidden by the secretary. The other men were shocked… when the employer came out shortly thereafter, saying that the job had been filled – by the man who had entered the office.

The secret? While the applicants sat in the waiting room, the employer had tapped out on a telegraph an invitation to come into his office immediately. Out of all the applicants, only one had heard the dashes.

Yesterday I woke up next to my son and I was so happy, it was like I could start to hear something no one else was hearing. I was in love with love, in my heart. And my Heart was singing, it was huge… And everything else just started to fall away, just because of the TASTE of that love.

See, I thought I had to figure something out, or make a decision, or accumulate things, or make my way in the world. Instead, all the things that were keeping me separate, all my little attachments, my ambitions, my ideas about family and career, all the ways I was trying to make myself feel safe – all the things that kept me distracted in the waiting room – they were suddenly falling by the wayside. And why?

Because this sudden TASTE OF LOVE was so powerful, so giving, so nutritious, so REAL, that everything else in comparison was just a mediocre version of that. And so I guess that’s how, in the end, we overcome attachments: we fall in love with our own higher Self, we fall in love with the taste of this new form of living, this being in the present, this being totally open, willing to accept even the highs and lows.

And even though we have no idea of what we’ll do tomorrow, or where we’re going, or what we’re supposed to do… we somehow know w’re going to be OK.

Because this intelligent HEART knows exactly what it’s doing, it will take us where we need to go, it will call to us the people we need to be with, it will find opportunities in impossible situations and make all decisions seem easy. We don’t need to run so much anymore: The Heart is on our team now.

If you listen carefully, you can hear it, sending out its beacon. There it is: Beep. Beep. Beep.

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