When Do I Get to Love My Self?

Loving yourself isn’t vanity. It is sanity. –André Gide

There’s a constant game of distraction going on by your mind. You’ve asked him to guard the henhouse, and he’s going to use every trick in the book to make sure you always need him. He knows that the minute you come into the present moment and feel Your Greatness, Your Loveliness, Your Existence, his job is over.

So don’t fall for his promise of, “When you are perfect enough, I will leave you alone.” He will always find fault in what you do. He will always make you doubt whether you did something well enough yesterday, or if you will do it well enough tomorrow. He will always keep you in doubt as to your true self-worth.

Which is eventually why we get tired of going to the mind for approval. We realize that the game is rigged.

I read somewhere about the difference between human love and Divine Love. With human love, if you do 99 things wrong and one thing right, you are criticized. With Divine Love, if you do 99 things wrong, but one thing right, you are celebrated!

Which will you choose today?

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