Thoughts Hold You To Mind

A friend of mine once took his father-in-law to Walt Disney World. On the Tomorrowland ride, they each drove separate sports cars, those cars even kids can drive, with the track between the wheels. It looks as if you can choose to go anywhere you want, but your leeway is actually very limited. As my friend passed his father-in-law, he waved at him… only to find his father-in-law so concentrated on driving that he was unable to return the gesture. He wasn’t even able to look up from the steering wheel.

Funny right? But life is like that too; our mind tells us that it makes ALL THE DECISIONS. It can’t look up for a second, it’s too busy trying to control everything and everyone. And since it tells us this all day, every day, we are fairly convinced that it’s true. But is it? Could it be that our minds are constantly distracting us… making us think we have lots of decisions to make when – in matter of fact – we have only one:

Which dimension are we going to play in today?

Do we want to identify with the mind, accompanying it through tunnels of endless decision-making, trying to Get Somewhere in our Walt Disney car and worried about causing an accident (now playing on Channel 1)? Or are we willing to let go of all that pretend “excitement” and choose the dimension in which Whatever is Happening is Already Perfect (now playing on Channel 2)?

It depends on how sick-and-tired we are of the drama.

The Hindu Vedas talk about seeing a rope in the dark and thinking it’s a snake. Once we’ve seen that it’s a rope, though, we’ll never fear it again.

The problem is, we’ve been hooked on the drama of thinking the rope is a snake. We’ve been hooked on Channel 1. So the question is, “What’s so interesting on Channel 1 that we keep getting pulled back into being limited? Why do we keep putting on these blinders? What kind of kick are we getting out of feeling like a victim… or the hero in a nightmare?

It’s not a given that we must feel limited. We do have a choice. We can switch to Channel 2 at any time. In fact, out of all the decisions it appears we can make, this is the ONLY decision we actually can make.

So here it is again: Which dimension are we going to play in today?

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