Bum-rushed by thoughts

Yesterday, while I was meditating, my mind was sooo still. Then, I had a little thought. And this little thought was like, “I’m just going to have this little thought here, and then I’m going to come back out to the stillness again.”

And just as soon as I had this little thought, ALL these other thoughts just jumped right on. And it felt as if I was popping back into my house to grab my jacket, which was hanging by the door, and all of a sudden there were like 400 people around me, each one going in their own direction. And it’s like each of these thoughts were actively trying to block me. So it wasn’t going to be a quick in-and-out to get the jacket. It was going to take 3 hours of struggle.

And in that moment, I could see that that’s the way they do it, these thoughts. They hook your mind with just a little thought, “you can make something better”, or “you can help this person,” or “we’re just going to fix this one little thing”… and so you innocently reach out…. and get bum-rushed. Suddenly you are totally engulfed in the flurries.

So what I did was, as soon as I opened the door and bumped into, like, the first four people, I just turned right on my heels and walked straight back out. Didn’t get my jacket, didn’t “solve the little problem.” Just dove back out, quick as a bunny, back into peaceful stillness.

My mind seems to be learning the value of its own inner peace.

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