Welcome to A World Where Nothing Changes

I just went through a difficult court case, in which I really tried to be as loving as possible, without anger, in a way that would benefit everyone. But it completely backfired, all my words and actions were twisted in the most incredibly unlikely ways, and my self-sacrifice and generosity and good faith was interpreted as the worst kind of egotism.

“Welcome to my world,” says the Universal One.

“That’s how I feel all the time,” He says, “completely unappreciated. Nobody seems to be able to see how much LOVE I put into these situations. Like this situation here. You think I am taking things away from you….”

And all I could say was, “Yes Sir, I’m guilty.”

I was sure that in spite of my prayers, He was taking away all these things as some kind of punishment. He was giving me constant problems, constant obstacles, and I kept thinking, “I don’t want to lose my love for these things. If these people treat me like this, if these things are taken from me, then I’ll be sad. I won’t be able to love them as much anymore.”

He was taking away what I thought were my strongest points: my family, my work, my house; all the places where I was putting my maximum effort and love were being demolished.

He was helping me detach from things I was most attached to, from things I would never have willingly detached myself from. In short, he was taking away my identity. He wanted to give me a new one. A bigger one. A truer one.

I had to become What Doesn’t Change. That’s what He is. So things had to come and go, in order so that I could see my Self as That Which Always Remained The Same, No Matter What.

It turns out that God’s love is completely different from what we thought it would be. It is, in fact, completely different from what any of us had ever imagined LOVE to be.

We are all crying when we enter into this new life, first with fear, then with incredible joy. Along the way we get promoted somehow – from the personal to the universal – and it does cost us everything. But the payoff is astounding.

“Welcome to my world,” says the Universal One.

“Sorry it took so long,” laughs the new arrival, bruised, battered and bewildered.

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