Life on Mars

Every planet has its energy, its flavor, its chakra. Mars represents strong warrior energy, located in your midsection. Mars is your gut reaction to things. If your Mars energy is out of control, you will be like a warrior who wants to fight everyone and everywhere. Without proper discipline, Mars causes anger and frustration, a rebel without a cause.

But if you give Mars the proper discipline, he can become A Great Ally: he gives clarity of conviction, determination, and inner strength. No one can attain to great spirituality without a strong Mars in their birth chart, and in almost all movies this part of you is represented as The Warrior In Training who has to prove he is strong enough to take on external, powerful enemies. Think Rocky. Think James Bond. Think Spiderman.

Mars loves power, so we have to be very careful with this energy. The minute you overcome an obstacle, you have to be careful you do not destroy it, or enslave it. Mars conquers, but without love he has a tendency to imprison others. This goes for “my” girlfriend, “my” family, “my” company, or “my guru.” For some reason, Mars likes to “own” things, and so when we think of these things as “ours,” we think we get to decide for them what they can and cannot do.

So you can tell at what level your Mars is at by how “free” you are allowing “your things” to be. The higher the level, the more freedom is given. Eventually, though self-discipline, Mars will help you focus one-pointedly on anything, without feeling the need to own it, to call it “yours,” or to control it.

You learn not to control the world, but to control yourself… which is about a thousand times harder to do!

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