Priceless ads redux

I just saw the American Express ads that talk about shopping with your friends, or kids, or lover… dancing and eating at a restaurant, and how this brings us to a “priceless” moment. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen any ads at all, I must admit – fifteen years in the business must have given me quite a stomachache – but still, I had to laugh at the audacity of such bullsh#t.

Having left the advertising world for the slow lane, I was immediately inspired to create a knock-off advertising campaign, more in the truthful realm. They would be very similar to the Amex ads, but with, for instance, the following texts (and accompanying visuals):

Take the road less travelled.
Cross a stream barefoot.
Sit by yourself in a forest.
Find your inner self.
          …. Priceless


Give up pleasing others.
Discover you’re a decent person.
Come back into the fold.
Find out that people really like you.
          …. Priceless


Open your heart to someone.
They open theirs to you.
You trust each other.
Finding a true ally in the world.
          …. Priceless

Too bad you won’t see these on TV!

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