The Greatest Value

I’m crying as I write this.

Yesterday I was meditating and I felt a moment of deep helplessness. I really saw my predicament clearly. I was really screwed, here. I was saying, “God, I have no value, I have no money, no direction. Please guide me.”

And I probably whimpered a bit, feeling sorry for myself. Then I heard a clear voice respond from deep within me:

“My son, you have The Greatest Value to Me, because you looked for me, and I am the Greatest Value. Only I had forgotten that I was The Greatest Value, and you had to give up everything you had in order to help Me remember. You did that for me, and now you and I are Everything.

And I was clearly shown that, it’s true, I’m Nothing, there was never a Tejindra, there was never a separate being. It was all me dreaming of existing. And now, “I” had found the Mother lode, “I” had found the Holy Grail. And this is what everyone had always been looking for.

And that made me Very Very Valuable.

But not in a way I, or others, could easily see. Not in the old way, but in some totally new way. Like I was the richest man in the world, but in a currency that wasn’t recognized yet. And it couldn’t make me any happier.

The Buddha once said, “By gaining enlightenment, I gained absolutely nothing.” And I think that’s what happens. We simply lose all of our limitations. All of us are simply consciousness, and coming back to that, finding Our True Value, is the greatest thing that there is.

I’m so grateful!

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