Hold On This Time

Wow, today is just a lovely day, I can feel something’s opened up in my heart. There’s a constant flow of loving energy from my heart to my third eye, my spiritual eye. And it come to me now that, all this time, I’ve been thinking that it was someone else’s fault that I wasn’t in love. For some reason, I had to go through all that… to realize just how much I missed LOVE.

I AM LOVE and I missed MYSELF! I missed this feeling. I missed being this. I missed being around this.

And every time I put the blame for not feeling this way onto someone else’s shoulders, or blamed some situation for not giving it to me, it was like… I was letting it go away.

I was in it, and then I was letting it go away. I was trying to explain how it could have happened, how the world was unfair, or unjust. And I was trying to find a way to make that alright.

But it’s not alright. Not anymore. It’s Not Alright. I can’t – I won’t – let LOVE go away from me anymore. It’s too valuable. I had to remember that. Nothing else matters. I had to miss myself, to look for myself again and I had to fight to win myself back again. That way I won’t forget, next time.

Yes, my friends, it’s just a beautiful, beautiful feeling today. And I’m holding on with all my might.

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