Problem napkin

Ok, someone’s done it again. Some clown has taken this ordinary situation, hastily sketched up a few lines about it, and decided to Make It Heavy. Ugh. Yes, there were misunderstandings, but somehow there seems to have also been thrown in a few exaggerations, falsehoods, projections, evasions, and tears. Worst of all, someone’s taken the time to write the word “Problem” on a napkin and has nailed it to the wall.

Now we’re really in trouble.

Both all of us know that – until That Napkin is pulled down – nothing will happen, no one will grow, and all the energy that might have resolved the situation gets locked up in cold storage. Time will be swallowed up by useless questions like, “whose fault is it?,” “why did this happen to me?,” and “why won’t they change?.”

And this can go on for ten minutes, or ten hours, ten weeks, ten years or ten lifetimes.

No, the situation still won’t go away, it won’t change, and it won’t evolve, until Someone finally changes. Someone has to develop enough courage, forgiveness, and insight to walk over to the wall and take the napkin down. And they can only do that if they say the magic words:

“Why, this is no problem at all. Look at how much it’s taught me!”

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