Why this blog?

“The image of a white crane standing in snow or a black crow at midnight can convey the mind of awakening more keenly than hundreds of pages of abstract explanation.” –Jack Kornfield, After the Ecstacy, the Laundry

For some reason the universe has been showing me, over the years, the same images, the same metaphors, the same mini-movies, the same coded images, in order to teach me to trust it. In order to teach me to love it, to adore its intelligence, which is so much greater than my own. Some of these films/images/stories have had to be projected in my mind for decades until I finally began to think I understood them (though it would be arrogant of me to suppose that I have understood any of them fully).

For this, I’ve always enjoyed sharing them, thinking they might bring others to approach them from new, unique perspectives. In a way, I consider them as open-sharing stories, used to provoke deeper, more introspective conversations amongst friends.

I like this quote by Jordan Peterson from an interview: “You could tell a story about what you understand…. It’s like, no no! You tell a story about what you don’t understand, and then you pull everyone into the story. The story is an exploration in that way.”

I hope that you, too, will see them as such, find some inspiration growing within you, and eventually explore them in you own conversations.

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