Stillness Speaks

“Your Stillness Knows Everything, Your Unstillness Knows Nothing.” –Rajee

Way beyond logical, rational thinking is a kind of vibration-less “knowing.” As soon as you achieve stillness with your mind, whether by meditation, or even at that half-way point between sleeping and waking, another part of you can begin downloading wisdom without the interference of your mind (which can only understand what it already knows). These downloads are way beyond the mind, so you will want to keep the two separate.

One of the purposes of life, I believe, is to get in touch with this inner knowing and to re-identify with it. Then, by knowing nothing, by having “Beginner’s Mind,” as they say in Zen teachings, you will have access to all knowing. Just hit the download button and receive!

But watch out. Your mind will try to step in and block this inspiration, because it wants to show that it can do better. It can’t. It wants to tell you everything you should be doing instead of downloading, because it knows it can’t compete with the stillness. Don’t listen to it. It will fill your life with people, because it wants to keep you hyperactive and full of talk and movement. Choose to stay quiet.

In short, if you are to overcome your mind’s attempts at keeping you away from Stillness, you need to be able to walk courageously where it will try to give you the most fear. (FEAR, as we all know, stands for False Evidence Appearing as Real.) You will need to walk straight into Failure, Loneliness, and Nothingness every time the mind bluffs you with them. Then you will see that they really are just illusory, that the Stillness will protect you and nurture you, and most of all, give you the answers your poor mind could never even dream of.

So don’t underestimate your inner, innate intelligence. Saint Ignatius once said that, “a single hour of meditation had taught him more truths about heavenly things than all of the teachings of all doctors put together could have taught him.”

You’ve got mail.

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