You Can Go Now

The other day on Facebook I saw a photo of a girl in a group of seated people who was smiling at the camera. I think she was Japanese. Looking down, I noticed that her feet weren’t touching the ground. She appeared to be holding them up in the air for some strange reason. Maybe there was an invisible support underneath, maybe someone was passing by with a vacuum cleaner.

Anyway, the image was unusual enough to stick in my mind.

That same night I dreamed that I worked in an underground shelter that had a little water, maybe a quarter-inch, on the concrete floor. People were seated in chairs all around the room, but no one had the courage to walk around or leave. In some way, the water was connected to electricity, so that whoever put their feet down received a small shock. So they all had their feet up off of the floor, uncomfortable and stranded.

Somehow I had figured out that the shock didn’t really hurt – actually, it tickled – but the others didn’t know that. So I walked around the room until I found her, the Japanese girl in the photo with her legs raised, and, using both hands, gently lowered her feet to the floor. She stood up, giggling, and walked around the room.

I looked around, to see if any others were ready.

This was my job, and I liked it.

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