Diablo, the Black Leopard

I just watched an amazing video of an “animal communicator” named Anna Breytenbach and her adventure with a Black Leopard named Diablo. If you haven’t seen it yet, Google “Leopard Diablo” and watch the video first on YouTube. It will change the way you think about animals and humans.

For those of you who skipped the video, the bare bones version is this: The Leopard Diablo had never left his night shelter ever since he was adopted by an animal sanctuary in South Africa, and they couldn’t figure out why. After trying everything, they called in an animal communicator who used her telepathic abilities to understand why. They didn’t tell her anything before she sat with the leopard.

The results were astonishing.

First of all, the leopard had three questions. The first was that he wanted his name changed, as he didn’t like the implications of “Diablo” (devil). The second was that he didn’t understand what was expected of him. He told her that he had been mistreated by humans in his past (he was, actually, adopted from a circus). After these two revelations, the sanctuary employees were understandably skeptical, as anyone might hazard the same conclusions about an animal that never came out of its Shelter.

The third revelation surprised everyone, and actually confirmed that Anna was, indeed, truly communicating. The leopard asked her about the two leopard cubs that had been in the cage next to hers at the circus. The sanctuary staff had completely forgotten about them, but the leopard hadn’t.

So they asked Anna to communicate to the leopard that 1) his new name would be “Spirit”, that 2) nothing was expected of him, that he wouldn’t have to “perform” anymore, and 3) that the cubs were safe. She also mentioned some interesting things about how the leopard had a regal personality and deserved respect.

That afternoon the leopard left its shelter for the first time. It also stopped growling at humans.

Now, everyone will have their favorite part of this story; mine was the fact that the leopard came out of his shelter only when he understood that Nothing Was Expected of Him and that He Didn’t Have to Perform. All the animal needed was to be told that it was beautiful and that it was free to do what it wanted to do. Then it felt safe enough to come out for good.

After seeing this, I knew that true creativity, the noble part of our souls that has been hiding inside us, afraid of our judgment and our ridicule, is just like this leopard. If we ask it to perform for others, it eventually loses its self-respect and refuses to come out. On the other hand, if we honor it and let it express itself the way it wants to, we get to spend the rest of our lives just like the converted ranger at the sanctuary.

We will be telling it every day how beautiful it is.

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