Hemmed In

My friend Elena has two horses, and lives at the end of a big field. The first time I saw her house, I thought, “She must spend all her time out riding.”

Instead, Elena’s house is hemmed in by four highways, two going north-south, two going east-west. Elena doesn’t get very far on her horses. The highways, built for taking her faster and farther to distant lands, are in reality closing her off from being able to enjoy her everyday life.

Just like those highways, our own thought structures hem us in. We built them in order to cover more distance in a shorter time, but these THOUGHTS, that then became solidified as IDEAS, then CONCEPTS, then CERTAINTIES and BELIEFS, are now keeping us from going into our own backyards and enjoying the PRESENT MOMENT.

This Pure Consciousness, which is what we truly are, is unable to roam far and wide across the land without hitting some concept, some highway, and then it has to choose between turning back, or becoming road kill.

So be careful before you take on a concept. One day you might want to go out riding.

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