Blessed Dissatisfaction

In the tarot cards, the ten of cups represents that elusive super-happiness all of us are looking for. Cups (which in a regular deck are represented by hearts) speak of emotions (because cups hold water, feelings).

On the ten of cups we find an image of true, everlasting love, with a couple that has everything they could ever wish for – home, kids, and most importantly, fulfilling love, also between generations. The rainbow is a sign from the Divine that everything is blessed. The idyllic scene is one of true emotional fulfilment and Divine love.

That’s the card all of us are trying to get. That’s winning the lottery.

But most of us get to the nine of cups and call it a day. In that card, we see an innkeeper doing brisk business and feeling very happy about it all. He’s alone, but he’s made his way in the world. He is rich. His happiness comes from the feelings of fulfillment that come from service to the community and supporting a family, as well as gratitude for life’s blessings.

Who wouldn’t stop there?

Well… there seems to be an ungrateful, unsatisfied part of all of us that knows that there’s another cup hidden somewhere. It’s like it was promised to us, or it’s our birthright.

But to go looking for it, we have to risk losing our nine cups, and not many people are willing to do that.

In fact, if you leave your nine cups, most people will call you crazy. You have to really be convinced that you’re not on a fool’s errand. I actually think you can only do it if you have the grace to meet ONE PERSON who has found the tenth cup. Really found it, not just talked about it. Then you remember. Then you know it’s really possible. Then you set forth on your quest. Then it’s no longer possible to just sit on your stool amongst your nine shiny cups. You have no more excuses.

All it takes is to see the look in one man’s eyes, the way they sparkle with inner joy… as he holds before you that last, elusive cup.

Then you’re back on the hunt.

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