Eclipsed Glory

One often hears that the soul is “self-luminous” – another way of saying that it provides is own light. In this way, it’s unlike the moon, which “pretends” to shine by its own light but in reality (as we all know) borrows its light from the sun.

Why should we care about this? Because around here we love metaphors!

In yoga systems, the ego is represented by the moon, and is located at the medulla oblongata, the small recess at the back of the head, near the neck. It is known as the negative pole of the sixth chakra, and when the energy is blocked there, we see someone with a lot of ego and a stiff neck. We say they “look down their nose at others.”

The sun, on the other hand, is the positive pole of the sixth chakra, and is located between the eyebrows, in the place called the spiritual eye. Think of where the Indians put their dots.

Someone who relaxes their ego is able to let that energy pass from the back of their head and up to the front, where it belongs. (There are lots of yoga techniques that teach this, mine is called Kriya Yoga.)

It occurs to me now, on this magic vision day, that my ego moon has been blocking my soul sun all this time, making me think that something was always missing, wrong, or backwards in my life. Bless his heart, the ego tried to give me everything he could – riches, power, sensory delights – but it was never what I really wanted. It offered me everything a moon could offer, except Real Sunlight.

I must have passed some test, today, as the sun is no longer being eclipsed by the moon’s clumsy attempts to distract me.

No, today I bask in the sun, wondering why it takes us so long to Pry Back Our Glory.

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