Ego wants One More Day

Someone tried to instigate a fight with my friend Samuel the other day. He declined, later saying something very interesting. “That’s just their ego, trying to stay alive for one more minute, one more hour… looking for some problem, some disaster, some confusion, just to keep itself going. You can’t really blame it, can you?”

Yes, our egos are condemned to create problems all day long… until we catch them in the act, that is. Until we can’t take it anymore. Then we put a stop to all that noise, and learn to stop reacting.

Yes, as doomed as an Alka-Selzer in water, the ego give off bubbles right up to the end. Its demise is a fait accompli.

That’s good news, once you realize that the ego was never who you were. You aren’t the seltzer tablet; the ego is.

You’re the air getting released from such a limited viewpoint, and you’re being freed to rejoin the rest of you!

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