You Want 2B Desired

I was looking at my girlfriend the other day, and these words spontaneously came to me, “All you ever wanted was to be desired.”

“Who said that?” I wondered. The words continued.

“All you ever wanted was to be looked at with such desire as I am looking at you now. But it’s not a physical desire. It’s a spiritual desire.”

Then I started crying, and my heart started shaking. Because the voice was talking to me.

I knew that I had always wanted to be desired by God like this. And at the same time, God had always wanted to be desired like this… by me.

So it was God falling in love with Himself.

This idea of being desired crazily, madly, passionately, that we’re all looking for. And somehow, even though we know this desire can never be satisfied, we are drawn to it like moths to a flame.

So deeply wanting, so insanely desirous of merging ourselves, we are finally willing to pay any price to come back into it, even if it means giving up our separateness.

Now that’s what I call love.

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