Google Maps 2

Often we want to do something but don’t know where to start. We know there are hundreds of steps to take in front of us, but we are paralyzed by the sheer scale of the undertaking. What to do?

My friend Walter says that the best way to accomplish anything is to simply start by getting the energy moving. Which means, ok, maybe you don’t know every step of the way, but you do know at least something you can do, making a few phone calls, maybe, or asking a friend for advice. This opens opens up the universe. Then you can be shown the next step.

So the important thing is action towards your goal.

Which brings me to Google maps. If you’ve ever entered your destination from a fixed point – maybe sitting in a parking lot, or parked in your garage – you’ve certainly noticed this: Google is unable to tell you which direction to go until it knows in which direction you’re moving. Are you heading south? North? Are you on the overpass or the underpass?

In short, the Great Satellite in the Sky can’t tell you which way to go until you start moving.

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