Slow Evaporation… at first

I’m driving through the Padana Plains in Northern Italy today, surrounded by cornfields, and there’s a beautiful blue sky everywhere… everywhere, that is, except over the last 20 miles or so. That’s because there the sky is stark white, the sun nowhere to be seen. There’s a lot of evaporation going on over the wet cornfields surrounding Cremona.

Which makes me think of grace. When it first comes into our lives, it’s not easy to notice. The blue sky we’re used to suddenly turns white, because with the arrival of the sun, all the rubbish we’ve had inside of us starts to evaporate. Which in turn, ironically, blocks the sun and hinders its ability to heat the fields, cause slower evaporation, clearing the air slower, etc.

But have no fear, the sky is clearing. It Just Takes A Minute.

Someone once asked my friend Mayadevi why it seemed like getting on the spiritual path brought more fear, anger and problems to the surface than had been experienced before. The questioner felt as if they were being punished for making that first, big step.

“That’s because we didn’t notice our problems, before,” she said. “It’s as if we were a glass of water with an inch of mud at the bottom. The water appears clear, but the minute you start stirring it – with meditation and selfless service – the water gets muddy.”

You get the idea. Our bad habits have condensed to the bottom of the glass. We can’t get them out without stirring them, so we have to have a lot of patience at the beginning. It’s as if things have to get worse before they get better, but in reality, they were always worse… we just didn’t notice it!

So don’t be discouraged at the beginning, friends. Push through, wait out the condensation, and soon you’ll be enjoying more sunlight than you ever thought possible.

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