Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I just realized how much the ego pushes us into disasters, constantly forcing us to ask it to protect us. It tests us to see who we trust more, it or the Universe. It wants to know how much clout it still has. In this way, the ego is a lot like the wicked stepmother in Snow White, every day asking, “Who’s the fairest of them all?”

So we’re caught up in this continuous cycle of abuse, pushed into corners, sure we can’t relax and trust the world. If we can’t take care of ourselves, we need the ego and its temporary solutions. But there’s a rub: this super-stressful life feels too uncomfortable, too unnatural, we weren’t made for this constant tension. We are so burdened under the ego’s rule that sooner or later, its plan – like the plan in every movie, including Snow White – backfires.

One day, Something Goes Horribly Wrong, we run out of moves, and we are forced to admit that The Ego Can’t Really Save Us.

Yes, we finally realize that the ego isn’t the knight in shining armour it proports to be. Neither are our parents. Neither are we to others. We wanted to be protected, we wanted to protect others, but if we are to be honest, then we have to admit: we are vulnerable here and can’t really survive on our own.

We are being pushed to trust a Higher Power.

So… we slowly begin submit to a Higher Intelligence. It takes more humility than we’ve got, so we ask for help with that, too. We begin to tune in to a new frequency, we invite it into our lives. We start to relax. And then one day, this Higher Self tells us a little secret…

Why, the plan didn’t backfire at all! The plan was always that we would one day choose the Universe. We just needed all that stress to help us remember that – just as we suspected all that time – something was dreadfully wrong. We were leaning to the wrong side. And the built-in, fail-proof monitor that guided us back?

Somehow we remembered that life is supposed to be easy. Not just on-vacation-easy, or after-we-retire-easy, but Always Easy, in every moment and in every situation.

Yes, one day the mirror tells us something the ego didn’t want us to hear. That it’s no longer the most beautiful in the land.

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