Dear Ego

Thank you for protecting me all these years. At times you were helpful, at times you were diabolical. Now that you see that I have grown strong enough to protect myself, I see that you are afraid. You think that I will leave you. I promise you these things:

  • I won’t punish you for lying to me and hiding things from me
  • I won’t send you away
  • All I ask is that you step aside and let me drive from now on

I know that you did your best to give me what you thought I needed. Unfortunately I needed a lot more than you were able to give me. I needed connection, inner joy, peace, and stillness, all things that excluded you and your endless need for drama and conflict. You helped me build myself, but you weren’t able to help me expand beyond your limitated vision. I eventually grew up, and grew weary, and am now ready to move forward.

Now you’ll see what a real leader is. He doesn’t need to lower others, or trap them, or scare them, the way you did with me. No…

  • He forgives
  • He inspires
  • He protects
  • He loves unconditionally

I invite you to tag along and see!

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