The Character is Surrendered

Here’s the shortest allegory I ever read about the spiritual path: “There’s a strong lion walking in the forest. One day, the lion dies.”

Yep. Proud we become with our spirituality. And yet, getting on the path means Going All The Way, Telling The Whole Truth. If you think you’re just going to dabble, you’re in for a big suprise. You don’t just dip a toe in this river. The current is strong. You are going to be carried away. You’re going back to the ocean, back to Unity. Getting on the path ultimately means breaking through the illusion we’ve spun here… that we are separate from the whole.

The great Indian saint Ramakrishna compared the spiritual path to a salt doll who goes into the ocean to measure its depth. Who comes back to tell us what they found?

It took me years of head-scratching, wrong-turning and spiritual-ego-scenanigans to see that all these teachers were right. I guess I thought I would be the one to Come Out Alive. But I was just one more salt doll.

As the modern American spiritual teacher Adyashanti says, “It’s not the character that surrenders. It is the character that is surrendered.”

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