You will create a new language

Like scattered hunters in a wheat field, no matter where you’re standing when the horn blows, you head straight home, cutting a swath in the field, a path all your own.

You will try to describe something so beautiful, so vast, and so unexplainable; all you have are the words, tools and vocabulary you’ve acquired so far. The neuroscientist will explain This Blessed Unity biologically, the scientist anthropoligically, the historian historically. Musicians will hear new music, artists new concepts, painters new feelings. My friend Domenico sold produce to supermarket chains; a few months later he became an organic farmer. I went from advertising design to spiritual book design. You never know what path you’ll lead; you only know that it cuts straight across the field from wherever you were standing ten minutes ago… heading back to God Knows Where.

In our clumsy attempts to integrate this growing new awareness with our old schematics, something full of wonder and paradox is born. Yes, you’ll beat a path back to the center as fast as you can – which is to say, as fast as the labyrinth created by your hardwired concepts will allow. Some of these walls will give way, others won’t. In any case, you’ll wind and weave through all of them. What’s amazing is that the path you forge will be one-of-a-kind and worthy-of-a-Pulitzer.

Yes, when the Divine calls you, your path back to the Source will create a whole new language.

And it will be visible forever.

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