How to find your soul

My friend Mauro was telling me about his chaotic life, full of transformations and mysteries, of gains and losses, of strong passions and equally strong heartbreaks.

“There’s never a quiet moment,” he said, sadly. “It’s all ups and downs.”

And I thought of a rainstick, that long, hollow musical instrument filled with seeds, that sounds like rain when you turn it upside down. If you put it on a pivot, it would play the rain sounds all day long, going up and down like a see-saw.

“What if all that movement was trying to teach you to hold onto the still pivot in the center?,” another friend asked him.

I could see that the whole roller-coaster life – our drama-filled lives, if you will – are made in such a way that they exhaust us with promises of stability.

Instead, if we could place our attention on The Part That Doesn’t Change, the small, still part deep within us, then we won’t be racked so badly by the constant movement.

And that’s how we find our soul. It’s the part that doesn’t move.

My friend Massimo told me about a vision he had a few days ago, in which he was complaining to his Soul. His Soul was seated on a chair in bliss, indifferent to his suffering. He asked the Soul why he didn’t get more involved, helping him resolve his problems.

“Why are you bothering me?,” the Soul answered. “Can’t you see that I’m perfectly at peace?”

That’s the part we’re trying to find. The part of us that’s always at peace.

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