The most subtle pleasures

The world presents us the the most amazing variety of stimuli, from reflections in a pond at sunset to screaming conflicts of war. Most of the time we allow the louder ones to command our attention, but this comes at a great price: we burn out our senses and lose the ability to notice and appreciate the infinitely beautiful (and infinitely delicate) nuances that are calling us daily.

Here again, by “refusing” the loud, obnoxious dramas of the world – not by chance those brought to the fore on TV – we are able to calm ourselves in the smaller, steadier waves, those that are often thought of as “boring,” or unimportant.

But as we refine our consciousness, we start to find AMAZING pleasure in these small micro-movements: the sound of wind chimes, for example, or the wind stirring through the leaves of an oak tree in the fall. The way a wheat field sways in gusts, for example, can make me almost dizzy with delight. Or the way shadows play on the forest floor, as if the ground itself were alive.

It’s like seeing the very weave and weft of the universe.

And the best thing about these subtle pleasures is how they refine us. We get to enjoy them with Our True Self. Oh yes, friends, once you get this quiet and still, your Higher Self can finally talk to you. You begin to hear The Inner Voice.

Who else will take those miniscule, interconnected waves around your body in a swimming pool, for example, and show you how they reflect your own subtle connection to the invisible world? Connections that you were hitherto unable to see, but that today, as you stand marvelling in the pool, are undeniably fascinating and thrilling to your very core?

Finally, in magic moments like this, you hear what that quiet Inner Voice has been trying to tell you for years: “I am here, and I want to speak and dance and listen and love with you.

“Won’t you quiet down and play with Me?”

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